I very much believe in the power of self care and the importance of investing in oneself. I see bodywork not only as a luxury, but also as an essential part of longevity, health and wellness. I believe that the very healing that we are seeking is available through nature's gifts. Massage therapy, acupuncture, healthy fresh food, herbal medicine, crystal energy, and aromatherapy are all important parts of my own self care routine. I strive to keep myself grounded, clear and balanced, so that I may be fully present in each of my sessions with you. 

It has been a beautifully long and winding road. I have lived all over the country and traveled all around the world to find myself here in
Portland, Maine, where I established Magnolia Healing Arts in July of 2013.

In 2002, I graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. My focus of study there was political economy and social change. When I left Evergreen, I knew that my career needed to be community oriented and inspire peace on the planet. 

Fall of 2010, I began studying the healing arts, taking a Thai Massage I course with the Lotus Palm School at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. I loved it, and knew that I wanted to purse a career in bodywork.  


In the winter of 2011, I traveled to Southeast Asia to further my education in Thai Massage at the Sunshine Network outside of Chaing Mai, Thailand.  I studied day and night with a group of 50 from 23 countries. It was an incredible experience that I would be happy to share more about! 

Finally, I returned to the states and moved to Maine in September of 2012. I began my studies at Namaste' Institute School of Massage shortly thereafter, where I earned a degree in Holistic Massage Therapy in June of 2013. Always interested in continuing my education and enhancing my offerings, I completed a Prenatal Massage Certification course in June of 2015, with the amazing RN and women's health educator Leslie Stager, of Touch for Birth

Along with bodywork, I have a number of other passions and crafts. I love working with my hands! Before being a massage therapist I worked as an organic farmer. In Maine I have worked with a few different farms including Left Field Farm and Turtle Rock Farm. I have always been a musician, I play piano, drums, guitar, mandolin and sing. Currently I play West African Drums for a fantastic dance class in town. Learn more and join us at Embody The Rhythm. I love many mediums of art, including metal, ink and even web-design!



Thank you so much for your interest in my practice, and in my story! 
Please contact me with any questions.
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